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News Guangdong

Where to enjoy Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner in Guangzhou

The Chinese New Year (CNY)'s Eve dinner, also known as the Family Reunion Dinner, might be the most important dinner for Chinese in a whole year. Its significance is similar to Christmas Day in the West.

GD reports 6 new cases, and temperature to drop on the 25th

Guangdong has confirmed 6 new pneumonia cases on January 22nd, among which Zhongshan and Zhaoqing reports their first cases respectively, three cases in Guangzhou and one in Shenzhen.

Full text of report on the work of the Guangdong government (2020)

Click to read the full text of Guangdong Government Work Report (2020).

Guangdong confirms 14 cases, tips for keeping safe from new coronavirus

Guangdong officials and experts held a press conference on the situation of the new coronavirus-related pneumonia (2019-nCoV) in Guangzhou today.

Guangdong private firms becoming key to foreign trade

Private companies have played an increasingly important role in the development of the foreign trade industry in South China's Guangdong province in the previous year.

Shenzhen launches online medical reimbursement platform

Online medical reimbursement is now available to the public, because an online service platform for medical insurance was launched recently, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported.
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